4 Pros and Cons of Getting to Seoul from Incheon Airport

A real Korean tells you : The best way to get to Seoul from Incheon Airport

First, make sure your luggage is checked when you arrive at Incheon Airport,
and take a look around Incheon Airport before leaving the airport.

Incheon Airport is so clean and well-equipped that even Koreans would want to take a break there.

You’re about to start traveling and no one needs a shower, right?

But some people might, so we provide shower information

If you’re in Incheon Airport Terminal 1

Spa On Air is a great option.

It is located on the 1st basement level of Terminal 1, East Area E.

It costs krw 10,000 for 2 hours per person.

I’m not going to list the usual amenities like currency exchange and car rentals because they’re all over the place.

Now, most people will want to get out of Seoul.

There are two main ways that Koreans usually do this.

The most common way to get into Seoul is by airport bus or airport train.

The advantage of the first airport bus is that it drops you off in famous areas of Seoul or right in front of your hotel.

On the downside, it costs 16,000 to 17,000 won for adults and 12,000 won for children.

There are 19 types of buses in total, each taking travelers to different parts of Seoul.

They are numbered from 6001 to 6019.

For example, bus 6001 goes through Yongsan and Myeongdong to Dongdaemun.


I hope you’ll check out their site.

If you’re still not sure, leave a comment and I’ll look it up for you.

The second option is to use the Airport Railroad.

This is a regular subway. It has a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour.

It takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach the 14-stop Seoul Station and costs 4,750 won.

It takes about an hour to get to the Hongdae entrance area.

It costs 4,650 won.

(( I will leave the details of transportation card purchase and discount in the next post))

Sources: https://www.arex.or.kr/


A direct high-speed train to Seoul Station

Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 1 ~ Seoul Station : 43Minutes

Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 2 ~ Seoul Station : 51Minutes


Adult : KRW 9,500Child : KRW 7,500

Tickets can be purchased at

Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 2 Station: Express Train Information Center in 1st basement of Incheon Int’l Transportation Center
Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 1 Station: Express Train Information Center in 1st basement of Incheon Int’l Transportation Center
Seoul Station : Express Train Information Center in 2nd basement of Seoul Station

Sources https://www.arex.or.kr/

The fourth option is to take a taxi or arrange a ride with someone through a travel agent or friend.

If your destination is the Hongdae entrance, a taxi will cost about 46,000 won in Korean won,

A road toll of KRW 6,600 will be charged for traveling by car (already included in the taxi fare).

Estimated travel time is about 45 minutes based on Hongdae Entrance (may be blocked due to increased traffic)

I personally recommend the second regular train for foreigners traveling to Korea.

The price is reasonable and the ride is more comfortable than you think.

In Seoul, it is connected to the subway, which has a better elevator than I expected, and is very well equipped for moving luggage.

However, if you have a lot of luggage and are uncomfortable with subway transfers, I recommend taking the first airport bus.

korea airport bus

I mostly use the second option, but sometimes I take the first option, the airport bus.

Bus 6012 comes to my neighborhood.

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