Where are the best family spas in Korea? We experienced it firsthand with Loah

best family spas in Korea

Hi, this is Loah’s dad.
Today We visited Resom Forest & The Have9 Healing Spa with Loah (best family spas in Korea)
This is the best family spas in Korea for families with children
It takes 2 hours by public transportation from Seoul,
It’s a paradise for children, and healling for adults.
We’re going to Resom Forest & The Have9 Healing Spa.

korea best spa

About Resom Forest & The Have9 Healing Spa (Traveling with Kids in Korea)

  • Location – Located about 2 hours southeast of Seoul
  • Address – Chungcheongbuk-do, Jecheon-si, Baegun-myeon, Geumbong-ro, 365 KR
  • Transportation – Car, KTX+bus or KTX+taxi
  • How to get there (from Cheongnyangri Station ) –
    • Boarding the KTX at Cheongnyangri Station in Seoul
    • Arrive at Jecheon Station in Chungbuk (1 hour and 4 minutes) 15,400 won
    • Take a taxi
    • Arrive at Resom Forest Healing Spa (23 minutes) 16,000 won
      You can also take a bus from Jecheon Station,
      but it’s not suitable for foreigners.
  • This place features –
    • Just feel like I’m in a hot spring in the woods.
    • It’s very kid-friendly and well-equipped.
    • The forest is well stocked with cafes, lodging, and restaurants.
  • Cost –
    • Weekdays 14 years old and above 55,000 won
    • 13 years old and under 40,000 won
    • Free under 36 months
  • Discount codes – 49% discount ticket link click!
  • Estimated time required – 3 to 5 hours
  • Infant Information –
    • Nursing rooms available
    • Baby life jackets available for rent
  • Key points for foreigners –
    • none
    • Few foreigners know about this place.
  • Recommended for travelers –
    • Travelers seeking the best healing family spa in Korea
    • Those looking for a relaxing water experience with young children
  • Exhibition Hours 09:00 ~ 18:00
  • Days off – None
  • What to bring –
    • Essential: Waterproof diaper (baby), swimsuit and swim cap, life jacket (rental available for 5,000 won)
    • Optional: Play tube, aqua shoes, large towel
  • Tip –
    • It’s a good idea to buy your swimsuit, swim cap, and tube in advance.
    • Only rent a life jacket here.

google map – https://maps.app.goo.gl/nLTEMUvg2HRndrFE6

Website – https://www.resom.co.kr/forest/main/main.asp

Approximate location (best family spas in Korea)

It is located about two hours southeast of Seoul.

It may be a bit far, but the
but it’s worth it.

When you get off at Jecheon Station, there are plenty of taxis, so it’s easy to get a ride.

If you’ve driven yourself
You can park in the parking garage inside the building and walk down the pathway.

Box office and how to get in (best family spas in Korea)

You pay a fee per person and they give you a numbered key.

Navigate to the number on the number key you received and put the shoe in first.

Then the man and woman each go to the bath.

Use the numbered keys to locker open, take off clothes, take a shower, and put on swimsuits.

The facilities are very luxurious.

After a quick shower
Put on your swimsuit and head to the spa.
*Note: You must wear a swimsuit from here on out!

Inside the Spa (best family spas in Korea)

have9 spa

In fact, the highlight of the place is the spa in the woods outside.
But if you have small children, it’s a good idea to experience the inside and then go outside.

healing spa

A variety of healing spaces
where you can relax and unwind.

It looks like a pool inside a hotel.

You can grab a bite to eat in the internal cafeteria.
The food is good, but a bit on the pricey side.

There are plenty of places to eat.
There are also nursing rooms inside.

The swimsuit can be worn lightly, like mine.
The hat can be a swim cap or a regular cap.

outside the Spa (best family spas in Korea)

best spa in korea

I just wanted to give you some information on whether or not you can come here with a 10-month-old.

best spa in the world

I feel like I’m alone in the woods, soaking in a hot spring.
It’s a healing moment.

I think Loah will sleep soon.

best family spas in Korea

49% discount ticket link click!

Be sure to use the discount link I’ve provided above to get the deal
You’re looking at some of the best family-friendly spas.

family spa

This reminds me of the best children’s hot springs in Korea we featured last time!


The difference between there and here is that
A children’s onsen is a water playground for children in actual hot spring water.
This place is more geared towards adult healing than children.

spa in seoul

This is where you can finish your healing spa and visit the restaurant inside or another restaurant in the building outside of the spa.
And of course, you can stay overnight here.

Stay in Forest Resom (best family spas in Korea)

The accommodations here are very clean and luxurious.
It is the best choice to stay here with your family.


You can get information about your listing by following the link above.

How was your trip to Korea with Loah?  (best family spas in Korea)

Traveling to Korea is very interesting and fun, even if you have a small baby.

When it comes to traveling in Korea, you shouldn’t just go to Hongdae, Myeongdong, Gangnam, Dongdaemun, etc.

places that real Koreans enjoy.

Where will they go next?

Stay tuned!

Official Withloah YouTube Video (best family spas in Korea)

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