Hi! meet Loah’s family.

Introduce the Loah’s family and explain the purpose of the “With Loah” site.

Hi, this is my first post here.

We live in South Korea.

We are a family of three: mom, baby, and dad.

● The first reason to open a site with Loah!

We travel a lot, both abroad and in Korea.

Every time we do! We’ve noticed that many people, both foreign and Korean, ask us for directions or information in really strange ways.

It’s so interesting and weird.

When we traveled to Italy, we had European people asking us for directions or information.

When we traveled to Japan, Japanese people would ask us about the location of buildings, the subway, etc.

In China, they ask us the same thing.

also In France, in Thailand, people loved to ask us.

Ah, we must be good at telling them something!! Hahahaha

● The second reason for opening a website with Loah!

I saw that many foreigners visiting Korea were misinformed and visited the same places every time.

I wanted to introduce them to better places in Korea and give them valuable memories of their important trip.

I also want to provide advanced information that only locals know.

One more thing, weather is very important for traveling.

I wanted to be able to tell them what the weather was like so they wouldn’t have any problems with their outfits or travel plans.

For example, what to do when it’s raining or where to go? I wanted to solve those problems.

As my family travels ourselves, we want to share the best places, shopping, restaurants, etc. with the many foreigners who come here, so that they can benefit from our happiness.

Come and travel Korea with us!

● WithLoah Official YouTube Channel

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