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Hi, this is Loah’s dad.

Today I visited Hyundai Motor Studio with Loah.

We also brought my 9-year-old nephew, Yoonwoo, with us today.

This is a great place for kids and seniors alike!

You can get behind the wheel of about 10 of Hyundai’s iconic vehicles and even try your hand at some simple controls,

get an overview of how the vehicles are made, and learn about the future of cars and energy.

Hyundai Motor Studio

About Hyundai Motorstudio

  • Location – Northwest outside of Seoul
  • Address – 217-6, Kintex-ro, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Transportation – Car, taxi, bus
  • Travel time (from Hapjeong Station) – Public transportation (approx. 30 minutes), private car (approx. 25 minutes)
  • Highlights – Ride in a variety of Hyundai vehicles, operate simple devices, see simple car production processes, and learn about future cars.
  • Cost – Free to ride, operate, and photograph vehicles, 10,000 won for adults, 7,000 won for those aged 14 and over, 5,000 won for those aged 3 and under, and free for those under 3 (proof required)
  • Estimated time required – 2 to 3 hours
  • Key points for foreigners – English language tours : every Tuesday and Thursday at 13:10 (1 hour)
    Chinese language tours: Every Wednesday and Friday at 13:10 (1 hour)
  • Recommended for travelers
    • 1. A good alternative if it rains during the travel.
    • 2.You can get to know Hyundai Motor Company, the largest company in Korea.
    • 3.It is relatively inexpensive, but there is a lot to see.
  • Vehicle Exhibition 09:00 – 20:00
    Experience Exhibition 10:00 – 19:00

google map – https://goo.gl/maps/dUsuxjH8vp71tbeb9

Reservation Website – https://motorstudio.hyundai.com/itg/ln/main.do?lang=en

Approximate location (Hyundai Motor Studio)

As you can see in the picture, it is located in the northwest of Seoul.

It takes about an hour to get there from Myeongdong, the center of Seoul.

How to get there (Hyundai Motor Studio)

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll start with a schedule that starts near Hapjeong Station on Subway Line 2.


1. Take the red bus M7731 at the bus stop right in front of Exit 1 of Hapjeong Station.

2. It’s right in front of the subway exit, so you won’t have any trouble finding it.

https://withloah.com/index.php/2023/07/12/seoul-bus-manners-and-tips/ ((A brief overview of Korean buses)

Take the 1 stop direct to Hyundai Motor Studio (approx. 25 minutes)

When you get off the bus here, the huge building in front of you is the Hyundai Motor Studio.

There’s actually another one in Gangnam, but this one is bigger and has more cars.

If you’re coming by car (Hyundai Motor Studio)

On weekdays, the parking lot is very spacious and comfortable.

The arrival area is located on the 4th basement floor, and you can take the elevator directly to the 1st floor,

Free parking for 3 hours is available for those who have applied for a trial exhibition.

How to make a reservation (Hyundai Motor Studio)


It’s convenient to book in advance on the website.

English language tours : every Tuesday and Thursday at 13:10 (1 hour)
Chinese language tours : Every Wednesday and Friday at 13:10 (1 hour)

Here are four tips.

First tip

You can simply ride the car and take pictures without booking a test drive.

It doesn’t cost you anything, but we’ll talk more about this below.

Second tip

If you don’t have a foreigner’s time slot and you book at the same time as the regular Koreans, the guides speak very good English and if you ask them to stop and explain something in English, they will. (There was actually a foreigner with the our time, and the guide spoke both Korean and English).

Third tip

Saturdays and Sundays are too crowded to be relaxing. On weekdays, it was more relaxing in the afternoon. (Too many people make it difficult to experience VR and take pictures of cars.)

Fourth tip

There is a coupon to get a discount when making a reservation, but it is not easily applied to foreigners, but if you have a Korean friend, you can ask your friend for a Happy Point discount coupon and apply it, and all of you can get 30% off.


They fall into two main categories. (Hyundai Motor Studio)

There are many different experiences, but we categorize them into two main categories.

First, you can ride in the vehicles on display, operate the devices, and take pictures.

These are mainly displayed on the first floor, but you can access the VR experience and N-line vehicles through the stairs on the second floor.

You can try out all 10 or so of Hyundai’s flagship models,

and take pictures.

You can get in and out at your leisure in about an hour, or you can stay longer.

As long as you’re polite, no one will touch you.

All of this is free.

The second way

The most popular option is to make an appointment as described above.

You will hear about Hyundai’s production process and future energy,

you can take a ride in a futuristic car, and finally, you can experience a dynamic 4D experience.

It is not a huge production plant, but a course of about 1 hour under the guidance of a guide with a simple explanation of the process.

The crash test, the explanation and exhibition of hydrogen vehicles, and the 4D experience of riding a futuristic car are well worth the price of admission.

If you are planning a trip to Korea, or if you are a foreigner currently in Korea, please check out my website.


Other facilities (Hyundai Motor Studio)

If you’re visiting with a small child, there are stroller rentals and very nice nursing rooms.

There is also a good of restaurant and cafe.

There are also free cell phone charging stations near the cars on display on the first floor.

On the second floor, there is a VR experience and a gift shop.

There was enough explanation above, just follow along!

Hyundai Motor Studio

When you arrive on the first floor, show your reservation confirmation at the information counter to get your ticket.

If you have an experience reservaited, come early to try out the different vehicles and take photos and videos.

At your scheduled time, you’ll be guided through the process of building your vehicle and learning about it.

Take a tour of a vehicle crash test.

You can touch the dummies that are used in the real world, and we provide dynamic video.

Learn about hydrogen energy and the Nexo hydrogen vehicle.

Get inside the car of the future and experience the future.

Order a pizza in the car, connect to your home appliances, and experience light autonomous driving.

You’ll also experience the person recognition system.

Last but not least is the 4D experience.

Personally, the 4D experience was the most dynamic and fun.

After starting with a very powerful movement, some kids raised their hands and gave up.

When you finish the 4D, visit the N-line exhibition, and finish the VR experience and souvenir corner.

Afterward, you can go back downstairs to ride the exhibition vehicles or go outside to move on to the next schedule.

How was your trip to Korea with Loah?

Traveling to Korea is very interesting and fun, even if you have a small baby.

When it comes to traveling in Korea, you shouldn’t just go to Hongdae, Myeongdong, Gangnam, Dongdaemun, etc.

places that real Koreans enjoy.

Where will they go next?

Stay tuned!

Withloah Official YouTube Channel (Hyundai Motor Studio)

Two of the cafes I mentioned last time are not far from here.

I’ll post the links to the cafes I mentioned last time and move on to the next one.


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