Korea red ginseng spa!! There’s a real red ginseng spa in Korea! Located near “Jeonju”

Hi, this is Loah’s dad.
Today We visited Jinan red ginseng Spa with Loah (best family spas in Korea)
This is the best family spas in Korea for families with children
It takes 3 hours by public transportation from Seoul,
It’s a healling for adults & children.
We’re going to Jinan red ginseng Spa.

Jinan Red Ginseng Spa

●Intro (red ginseng spa)

The Jinan Red Ginseng Spa, which we will visit today, is a very hidden gem that even Koreans don’t know about.
It’s not a hot spring, but it’s a very interesting place that offers a spa experience with healthy red ginseng.
It’s a bit far away, but the famous tourist destination “Jeonju” is right next door, so it’s a great combination!

It is located about 3 hours south of Seoul.
Do you see the famous tourist spot “Jeonju” nearby?

●About Jinan red ginseng Spa (Traveling with Kids in Korea)

  • Location – Located about 3 hours south of Seoul
  • Address – 16-10 Oesayang-gil, Jinan-eup, Jinan-gun, Jeollabuk-do
  • Transportation – Car or Express bus + town bus
  • How to get there (from Central City Terminal in Seoul ) –
    • Central City Terminal in Seoul (3 hours 24,700 won)
    • Arrive at Jinan Intercity Bus Terminal
    • Take a taxi or Ride Local Bus No. 100 (7 minutes, 4 stops, 950 won)
    • Arrive at Maisan Northern Tourism Information Center
      In fact, it’s easiest to take a taxi.
  • This place features –
    • Enjoy the famous Korean red ginseng as a spa treatment.
    • It’s a rare experience that no tourist knows about.
    • You get a lot of experience for your money
  • Cost –
    • Adults 39,000 won
    • children 30,000 won
    • babies under 48 months free
  • Discount codes – discount ticket link click!
  • Estimated time required – 3 to 5 hours
  • Infant Information –
    • None
  • Key points for foreigners –
    • none
  • Recommended for travelers –
    • Travelers seeking the best healing family spa in Korea
    • Tired of sightseeing in Seoul
  • Exhibition Hours – 9:30-17:00
  • Days off – None
  • What to bring –
    • Essential: Waterproof diaper (baby), swimsuit and swim cap
    • Optional: Play tube, aqua shoes, large towel
  • Tip –
    • It’s a good idea to buy your swimsuit, swim cap, and tube in advance.
  • Google map : https://maps.app.goo.gl/irxWYn9WQ15FL9zv8
  • Homepage : https://www.redginsengspa.co.kr/

●Spa Entry Description (red ginseng spa)

red ginseng spa

Many people know that ginseng is a very good health food for humans.

Here, we use red ginseng to apply to the body

Add red ginseng liquid to a hot water bath for one person and enjoy a relaxing

and enjoy a red ginseng mud pack.

All experiences are included in the entrance fee, so there is no additional charge.

At the end of the ticketing process, you’ll be given a numbered key. Take the numbered key and go to the shoe rack, put your shoes in, and lock it.

There is a locker room in the immediate vicinity.

Orientals are used to it, but Westerners may not be.

Use the key you received earlier to unlock the door and remove all your clothes.

shower booth

Freshen up in the showers right next door.

The shampoo, towels, etc. are all free of charge.

Go back to the changing rooms and change into your swimsuit.

If you don’t have a swimsuit, you can rent one at the ticketing area.

After changing into your swimsuit and exiting the spa, you’ll see a lobby that looks like this,

Take the elevator on the left to the second floor.

Red Ginseng Spa

Voila, a red ginseng spa.

The main spa in the center is all you can enjoy anytime

●Enjoy the spa (red ginseng spa)

The main spa in the center is all you can enjoy anytime

Korea spa

We brought the baby tube!

Popular experiences may require you to RSVP to a staff member.

red ginseng mud pack

Enjoy a red ginseng mud pack.

Served per person, just tell the staff and they’ll prepare it for you.

The name is Harmony Therapy.

ginseng bubble spa

The most popular red ginseng bubble spa.

Feel the red ginseng bubbles all over your body

korea spa

The next most popular is aromatherapy.

The staff will give you red ginseng liquid
you can add it to a single-serving bath and enjoy it.

red ginseng spa

You’ll have a one-person bath that fits one person like this.

The staff will give you red ginseng liquid in a black bowl.

The name is Aromatherapy.

You must tell the staff that you want to do it before you do.

All experiences are free

Once checked on the wrist, it will not be available again.

All experiences are limited to one per person.

It usually takes about 15 minutes per session,

but you can stay longer depending on the experience.

horse ear mountian

Exit to the 3rd floor and you will find the outdoor open-air bath.

Take the elevator

This place is famous for Maisan.

It is a mountain that resembles a horse’s ear.


Loah is healing hahahaha

Stone therapy is about being still and lying still.

Stone therapy

I’m holding Loah and taking a little nap, hahahaha.

Herb therapy is also a place to lie down and sleep,

red ginseng spa

Cute Loah!!

You can only experience this once.

The other baths outside are still available.

Great for families with small babies like ours!

snack bar

Although there is a not-so-bad snack bar inside,
we didn’t use it and went outside to eat.

●Where to stay and eat (red ginseng spa)

There are a variety of dining options just a short walk from the spa.

There are also many walking trails near the spa.

Jeonju hotel
jinan hotel

We recommend the Lahan Hotel in “Jeonju”.

Click on the photo above to see the trip.com review,
or Click the banner directly above to see the review on klook.com.

There’s a nice walking trail right above the spa


I can see goats, rabbits chickens


There are also pretty flowers on display.

It’s a very nice place to take a walk.

You can also get information about herbs and there’s a museum nearby.

●Another Korean family spa

●WithLoah Official YouTube Channel

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