Korean Cafe Travel 1-“Today’s Bakery” is located in the northwest of Seoul, close to Eunpyeong hanok Village. Relaxed, nice atmosphere.

Korea has a huge cafe culture.

Unlike other countries, Korea has a wide variety of cafes in each region with different concepts, making them perfect for sightseeing. Introducing the Korean cafe tour.

korea cafe

Today, we’re introducing “Today Bakery,” located in northwest Seoul.

Location – Northwest Seoul (Outside Seoul Metropolitan Area)

Address – 45-6, Bukhansan-ro 387beon-gil, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Transportation – Bus (Blue 704, Village Bus 077B), Taxi, Car

Travel time (Eunpyeongok Village) – Public transportation (30 minutes), car (10 minutes)

Highlights – Café Atmosphere, Relaxing

Cafe Point – A variety of Korean breads and a relaxed atmosphere. A special place that only Koreans know about, not general travelers.

Recommended travelers – 1. Asian travelers from Southeast Asia, China, Japan, etc. will be more responsive.

2. it is recommended to visit this place after visiting Eunpyeongok Village (not recommended to visit this place on purpose from other places)

3. If you visit on a holiday such as Saturday or Sunday, there will be too many people, so it is recommended to visit during the day on weekdays.

It is not recommended to visit this place on a short schedule or during a tour in Seoul. (It is located in the outskirts, so you need to plan a day to get here.)

I recommend stopping by after trekking to Bukhansan or visiting Eunpyeong hanok Village.

I think it’s great for Asian travelers who love cafe culture.

Now, let’s go with Loah!

-From Eunpyeon hanok Village-

Take Blue Bus 701 or Green Bus 7723 from the Eunpyeong hanok Village bus stop where you first got off, and get off after two stops.

The second stop looks like this

In the photo, you can see a bus in navy blue line coming from the bottom, and now you can get off, turn around, cross the street like a gray line, turn left, and then take the blue bus 704 or town bus 077B from the bus stop and get off at the 4th stop.

The 3rd stop is at Bukhansan Mountain Entrance, so there will be a lot of people getting off.

However, we got off after 1 stop to be closer to the cafe.

Again, the navy blue line represents the bus and the gray line represents walking.

This is a bus stop. You can get off here.

In Korean, “Hyoja Security Center Stop”

In English, it’s probably “Hyoja Security Center”

Now, after getting off the bus, cross the street to the other side of the street and walk a little further up the street in the direction of the bus you got off.

It’s hard to explain, but it’s actually a 5 minute walk.

As you can see in the picture, there is a small street on the left.

there is a bakery called “Today’s Bakery”.

It’s about a 5 minute walk from the bus stop.

This is the entrance to the bakery.

It takes less than 10 minutes to get there by car, but it’s a bit tricky for foreigners to get there by public transportation.


I recommend places that foreign tourists don’t know about.

If you take a photo here and show it to your friends, they will be very excited.

It is open from 10am to 10pm.

The parking lot is very large.

However, it is not recommended to visit on holidays such as Saturday and Sunday.

Korean cafe

Outside, there are several large tables with a man-made waterfall and a great atmosphere.

Korean cafe

It’s like having a table in the mountains and relaxing.

It’s like a secret place that only tourists with Korean friends know about.

The interior is also atmospheric and clean.

Korean cafe

There’s plenty of seating and it’s very clean.

It makes you feel like you’re in a gallery.

Korean cafe

It’s a special place where you can only come if you have Korean friends.

cafe tour

Loah and Loah’s mom take a break

Most foreigners don’t know the place, so there are no foreign language menus.

But if you ask, they will explain it to you.

The drinks are a bit expensive, but I guess it’s for the seats.

One drink per person is a must!

Most drinks cost between 7,000 won and 9,000 won per drink.

*Coffee can only be refilled once. They give you a new cup (2 drinks for the price of 1).

Korean bakery
Korean bakery

There are also many different types of bread.

Koreans like their bread a little sweeter, so it’s a little different than European bread.

You don’t have to eat bread.

However, most Koreans do eat bread.

Most breads cost between 5,000 and 7,000 won.

Korean cafe

The bread is sliced to make it easier to eat, so you can dip your fork in it.

It costs about 37,000 won in Korean won.

At the bottom of the cafe, there is a valley where some people take pictures and play in the water.

That’s me!

Loah and Loah’s mom!!

You can take your time here, walk back the same way you came, and catch the bus on the other side of the stop where you got off.

There are tons of cafes in Korea.

I’m going to introduce you to some of the best ones that are recommended for foreigners.

There are many, many more cafes in the neighborhoods of the cafes I mentioned.

But for now, I’m going to introduce you to some more great cafes that you might not know about unless you have Korean friends.

See you next time!


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