Korean Cafe Travel 4-“Susan Park”A cool cafe in a Seoul neighborhood with an ocean concept Filming location for the Korean drama “Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo”

“Susan Park”

If you’re looking for a relaxing and unique cafe near Seoul!

We recommend visiting the Susan Park and Monsterium, located between Ganghwa and Gimpo.

Plus, it’s fun to explore Daemyung Port, which is just around the corner!

Susan Park

●Susan Park

  • Location – Gimpo City, Gyeonggi-do (between Incheon International Airport and Seoul)
  • Address – 52, Daemyeonghang 1-ro, Daegokmyeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
  • Google maphttps://maps.app.goo.gl/Mv4twDAQs95PgoFy7
  • Transportation – Car, taxi, bus (Bus is not recommended, it takes about 1.5 hours by bus from Yeomchang Station on Subway Line 9).
  • Travel time (from Hongik Univ., Seoul) – Public transportation (1.5 hours by bus), private car (about 50 minutes)
  • What to See – Exotic Kensep with an ocean vibe
  • Main Menu and Price Range – The usual cafe drinks, desserts, and Korean breads are available.
    Drinks are around 7,000 to 8,000 won
    Bread prices range from 4,000 won to 6,000 won
  • Café Highlights – Large whale billboard wall
    Free wifi. Photogenic, great for girls, relaxing on weekdays and Great for kids.
  • Recommended travelers
    • 1. Travelers from Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and other Asian countries.
    • 2. People that want to know about places other than Seoul
    • 3. A great place to bring young children
  • Opening hours – Daily 10am to 9pm
    Monsterium – 11am-7pm (weekends start 1 hour earlier)

Instagram – www.instagram.com/susanpark.cafe

If you’re visiting with young children,
we recommend the Monsterium exhibit right next door.

●Location information

If you want to take public transportation, you can take the direct bus #8000 from Yeomchang Station on Line 9, get off at Daemyungang, and walk to the cafe.

This is the stop where you can board bus 8000~.

About an hour and a half after boarding her

Get off at an endpoint that looks like this


You can check Google Maps and walk there in about 7 minutes.

수산공원 주차장

If you’re coming by car, you can park in a parking lot that looks like this. It’s very large.

●Susan park

Susan Park

When you go down the stairs, the cafe is on the right and the exotic animal exhibit is on the left.

Korea Cafe

The entrance to the cafe looks like this!


The entrance to the exotic animal exhibit looks like this

Seoul Cafe

The interior of the cafe is very simple and cool.


If you have kids, you can take lots of pictures and videos~.


It’s a sea concept cafe, so I think my heart is also healing.

Loah's Family

I think it’s great for family photos with kids

I think the cool white background is perfect for family photos!

The third floor has even more exciting photo opportunities!

susan park

Because the cafe name is written in Korean, I decided to use the
It looks like a great place to take a souvenir photo of your visit to Korea.

Susan Park = 수산공원

Korean desserts and breads that are commonly found in Korean cafes.

수산공원 메판

The drinks menu. (Susan Park)

There is two small boats in Susan Park Cafe, and Loah is using
never stops challenging herself.
The hardest age is 15 months!


Korean cafe



Exotic Animal Exhibit
It’s worth a stop if you’re traveling with kids.
However, there is an entrance fee.

If you pay on-site, it will cost 16,900 won.
If you use the link I gave you to get tickets only 1 hour before entering the venue.
you can get a discount of 11,400 won. (Weekdays)

link – https://map.naver.com/p/entry/place/1984000702?lng=126.5460687&lat=37.6428303&placePath=%2Fbooking&entry=plt&c=15.00,0,0,0,dh

If you’re here with kids, I’d recommend
If not, we don’t recommend it.
Kids under 36 months get in free.
Admission is the same for children and adults.

trick art

We took a picture with Loah for a fun concept~.


Before we left, we took one last picture with the symbol of the place, the whale!

●Another tip

김포 대명항

From the cafe, it’s a short 3-minute ride to the car,
there’s a beach.
There is a very active fish market here, so you can enjoy
so there is something to see.

Even Loah’s dad, who doesn’t like seafood, had fun watching!


●Conclusion (Susan Park)

If you’re traveling to Seoul and want to try an offbeat cafe, this is the place to go.
Especially if you have small children.
However, if you’re traveling by bus, it might be a bit far, so keep that in mind.

Now the Loa family is off to find the next place!
We will introduce you to more wonderful places~!
Stay tuned

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●About other cafes

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